Wood-built design hotel, Santa’s Hotel Rakka, to open in February 2023

Santa’s Hotels will build a new design hotel to Kilpisjärvi, the far corner of Lapland, in the midst of arctic wilderness and below the magnificent Saana fell.

Just a few kilometers from the border of Norway, you can experience true Lapland and make a day trip to the fjords of Norway.

The wood-built Santa’s Hotel Rakka draws its inspiration from the surrounding arctic nature and highlights modern Scandinavian design and Nordic elements in its hotel and restaurant.

With 42 premium hotel rooms, new restaurant for up to 200 people, and the 21 full-service apartments provide you a premium nature holiday year-round. The hotel rooms feature a panoramic window facing the magestic Saana fell, giving you a perfect view of the northern sky for Aurora Borealis watching!

The new build compliments the existing modern Santa’s Chalets Rakka resort.

The hotel will open in February 2023.

Need some more information? Please contact us by email kilpisjarvi@santashotels.fi

Destination Kilpisjärvi

Is this your next cross-border arctic experience?

Santa’s Hotel Rakka is located just a few kilometers from the border of Norway, you can experience true Lapland and make a day trip to the fjords of Norway.

The nearest airport is Tromso in Norway or Kittilä in Finland.

The Arctic Route bus connection works very well for individual travellers and small groups across the border!


Best places in Europe to see the Aurora Borealis

Did you know Kilpisjärvi is one of the best places in Europe to see the northern lights? You can see the northern lights from September to April! Kilpisjärvi highlights a visit to 3 countries in 30 seconds! In winter you can take a snowmobile safari to the point where Finland, Sweden and Norway meet; in summer and autumn a boat cruise will take you there. Another must is a hike up to the top of the famous Saana fell! The highlands of Kilpisjärvi has a long snowy winter (Nov-May). Winter activities include e.g. snowmobiling, snowshoeing, ice fishing, visit to the local reindeer herder family, cross-country skiing. In summer, you will enjoy 24-hours of sunlight (Jun-Aug) and in autumn (Sept-Oct) the magnificent “ruska” season is worth the visit itself! Summer and autumn activities include e.g. boat cruise and fishing on the lake, hiking, cycling, canoeing and foraging. Guided excursions and equipment rental are available around the year for a magical nature holiday!