CEO of Santa’s Hotels, Maarit Aho to step down


Santas’s Hotels CEO and a member of the owner family, Ms. Maarit Aho will step down as CEO of Santa’s Hotels and concentrate on her role as CEO in the family’s real estate businesses. This change is part of the owners’ future strategy. The strong financial situation of the hotel companies and the post-pandemic time, gives the possibility to make changes in the leadership.

Maarit Aho has been working for the company for over 23 years, of which as the CEO for 15 years. During Maarit’s career, the company has grown from the building of Santa’s Hotel Santa Claus to a hotel chain in six destinations in North Finland – with a strong emphasis in international travel. Maarit has also had a strong hand in numerous building and renovation projects along the way. Santa’s Hotels thanks Maarit for her dedication to her role and all her hard work.

The new CEO will be recruited from outside the owner family and the recruitment process will start soon.

The family concern Sava Group is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. The family has been in hotel business for 30 years. Santa’s Hotels has grown to be one of the most prominent Lappish companies in the tourism sector. Just alone in 2023, the hotel chain has invested in a new design hotel in Kilpisjärvi; the renovation of over 100 hotel rooms in Santa’s Hotel Santa Claus; and a massive hotel and restaurant extension in Kalajoki. The hotels’ turnover will be 24 million euros this year. The chain employs year-round approx. 150 members of staff and during high seasons approx.. 300. Santa’s Hotels will continue to focus on sustainable, year-round business and be a responsible employer, that acts according to its values: positivity, sense of duty and thinking on our feet. And of course we all believe in Santa Claus!

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Mr. Teppo Aro, Santa’s Hotels, Chairman of the Board Tel. +358 40 555 9120