Santa’s Hotels’ Safe Travel Procedures and Services



The wellbeing and comfort of our guests, employees and partners is of utmost importance to Santa’s Hotels. We pay close attention to the changes in the current situation and follow the guidelines and regulations given by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare and by the local authorities.

Possible changes to opening hours will be informed on this page. Guests with existing bookings will be contacted directly in case of changes to the provided services.

Santa’s Hotels has taken numerous measures to ensure the wellbeing and comfort of our guests, employees and partners;

  • All properties have increased the disinfection and cleaning of surfaces in common and public areas, restaurants, hotel rooms and bathrooms, especially paying attention to surfaces with continuous contact by people (e.g. door handles, elevator buttons, table surfaces)
  • Hand sanitizer stations are distributed evenly to all common areas as well as offices and staff rooms. Guests and staff are encouraged to use them regularly.
  • Our staff wears face masks whenever possible.
  • Receptions and service points have screens to protect staff and customers.
  • Card machines, key cards and pens are disinfected after each customer.
  • Face masks and disposable gloves are available for all guests at request
  • All staff are instructed to pay vigilantly attention to hand hygiene, avoid touching the face and prevent droplet transmission.
  • Information of preventing covid-19 is visible throughout the hotels’ common spaces, information boards and restaurants.
  • Our staff and guests are kept up to date with any changes in procedures and the current situation.
  • Room information, menus and other brochures are removed from hotel rooms and restaurants and replaced with digital formats, hotel TV information and wall-mounted information boards and menus. We encourage guests to use their own phones to take photos of information boards and visit our information pages (e.g. by using QR-codes).
  • We encourage guests to use contactless payments, or card payments instead of cash.
  • Restaurants seating is set with adequate space between tables.

Flexible Booking and Cancellation Terms

Make your travel plans with ease: Santa’s Hotels has changed booking and cancellation terms to give more flexibility to change your booking if necessary.

Individual travelers can choose from 3 booking and cancellation categories: Flex / Semi-Flex / Non-refundable.

Flexible booking and cancellation terms are also available for groups.

Santa’s Hotels reserves the right to all changes. In case of any changes, customers who have made reservations, will be contacted and informed directly.

Safe Travel Services for Groups

Private check-in for groups: tour leader collects check-in envelopes from reception and distributes room keys in the bus for guests. Guests can go directly to hotel rooms without waiting in reception. Table served breakfast in separate space dedicated only to one group at a time and waiters are assigned to one group. Half board dinners are from now on 3-course table served dinners. Groups are seated in separate areas of the restaurant and waiters are assigned to one group at a time, whenever possible. Group is assigned to one floor or segment of the hotel, whenever possible

Safe Meetings and Events

  • Participants can be divided into several meeting rooms or smaller groups in the same space, divided with screens.
  • Speeches and performances can be streamed to multiple rooms or parts of the meeting room.
  • Separate entrances, dining spaces and bathrooms are used for different groups
  • During meals and meetings, staff where face masks and disposable gloves. Each group is assigned with one waiter whenever possible.
  • Seating and tables in meeting rooms are set to keep a safety distance between each participant.
  • A facemask is provided at the entrance for each participant, free of charge.
  • Multiple hand sanitizer stations are provided in all meeting rooms and public spaces.
  • Each meeting room is cleaned and disinfected between meeting groups.
  • Pens, remote controls and other such items are disinfected between each use.