Welcome to the Arctic Circle!

At the moment, you will be served by the reception in Santa’s Hotel Santa Claus (Korkalonkatu 29) 24h.

Tel. +358 400 102 220

You can also contact the reception with the door buzzer on the front door of the main building of the igloo village and with the tablet in the igloo by sending a message.

Remember to take you key card when you go out from the igloo.

On the check-out day, you can leave the key cards in the igloo.

Restaurant Arctic Eye

Breakfast 7.30am-10.30am

Open daily 5pm-10pm (kitchen 9.30pm)

The electricity and lights will be switched on when you insert the key card to the holder next to the door.

The igloos have air conditioning and temperature control. If you would like any changes, please contact Santa’s Hotel Santa Claus’s reception on +358 400 102 220 or by sending a message on your tablet.

Free parking.


The igloos have a free wifi network

Password: Aurora12

Safartica is our partner, see their activities and safaris here:


Housekeeping will visit your igloo for daily cleaning. If you have specific time, please contact to reception.

All our igloos are non-smoking.

Smoking is allowed only on the outside.

Please be informed that it is against to law to smoke inside. In that case, additional fee 350€ will be added to your room bill.

Our igloo village does not have a laundry service.

Please contact to reception to get assistance for laundry service.

Please note that the official check out time is at 11:00.

For late check out inquiries, contact to reception

Every igloo has a minibar.


In case of a fire alarm, leave the igloo. The meeting place is next to the main building. 

Each igloo has a tablet and you can connect the reception by sending a message.

The tablet’s Aurora alarm plays music it the northern lights are visible on the sky.

Do not remove the tablet from the holder or use it for any other purposes. We will charge you if the tablet is broken.

Please notice that there is warm water in the shower for about 20 minutes. After that you will need to wait for 30 minutes for more hot water.

The glass roof can be warmed up in order to melt the snow or ice. The switch is on the left side of the door. The heater is on for 30 minutes.

The area has security, video control and an automatic fire alarm system.

Santa’s Igloos on a map