Welcome to Luosto!


Reception is open daily from 8am to 6pm

Tel. +358 400 102 141

When the reception is closed

The lobby and restaurant area as well as the hotel’s main door are closed.

Outside our reception opening hours, Santa’s Hotel Santa Claus in Rovaniemi is on-call 24/7 tel. +358 400 102 220

Please note that when the reception is closed, you can enter the rooms with your own room key through the side doors at the end of the corridors.

If you lock yourself out when the reception is closed and need to call the service number (+358 50 4658 888), we charge an additional fee of €70 for opening the door.

Restaurant Aurora:

Will be opening on 13th August

The entire hotel is mechanically ventilated and the temperature is set at about 21-22 degrees. The north-facing rooms have ventilation windows that can be kept open if required. The radiators have thermostats, ie. when the temperature drops below that 21-22 degrees, the radiators start to heat up.

In our igloos, it is possible to melt the snow and ice on the glass roof. Next to the front door, there is a button with which the glass roof begins to melt. Defrosting the glass roof does not affect the room temperature of the igloos.

The hotel’s rooms and igloos have free wireless Internet access.
Wireless network: Aurora Wifi
Password: Borealis19

Parking is allowed only on marked places, see the picture.

We cooperate with the local program service company Kairankutsu. Kairankutsu’s program services can be viewed and reservations can be made at www.kairankutsu.fi

We are also happy to help at the reception if you need help booking activities.

Aurora Alert Realtime, is offered free of charge to all visitors in Luosto. Visitors will be able to access it via a mobile data connection or using free Wi-Fi networks offered by local businesses.

Aurora Alert System is operating during the Aurora season: autumn and winter. As the weather can change very rapidly in this area or the aurora may appear suddenly and only for a very short period of time, we advice you not to depend solely on the Alert, but to keep looking at the sky yourself as well.

The Finnish word for Northern Lights – “Revontulet = Fox’s fires” comes from the old belief that the Tulikettu, FireFox, is running over the fells causing sparks in the sky.

We do not perform daily cleaning of the rooms automatically.

If you want daily cleaning for your room, please let the reception know about it by 10 am in the morning.

All our hotel rooms have a private sauna.

The sauna has an electric heater. 
The sauna heats up in about 30 minutes. The stove has two different adjustment buttons. One button adjusts the power and the other button is the timer. The power of the stove must be at full power. Turn the timer knob only halfway so that the heater starts heating up immediately. If the timer knob is turned all the way, the heater goes on the timer and starts heating only after the desired time.

Please remember that you must not put anything extra on or near the stove, such as clothes, etc.

Take a shower before going to the sauna.

Only clean water may be thrown on the stones.

Remember to turn off the sauna after use.

Note: The sauna and shower floors can be slippery, be careful. Do not leave small children unattended in the sauna.

We wish you a pleasant sauna time!

Some of our rooms have a fireplace. Here are some useful tips:

  • Firewood has been supplied to the rooms. Firewood can be
    refilled from log container (outside on the blue/grey boxes)
  • You should only burn wood in the fireplace. Do not burn trash,
    plastic, newspaper, etc.
  • Make sure the damper is open and the smoke extractor turned
    on before lighting a fire.
  • There are starter briquets in the room.
    Place one on the bottom and put 2 or 3 pieces of wood on top.
    Light up the fire and close the hatch.
  • Add only 2 or 3 pieces of wood at a time, so the fire will not get
    too big and hot. Wait until the wood is burned down to coals
    before adding more.
  • For safety reasons, leave the damper open after using the
  • Please, note that the fireplaces are not in use during summer.

You can buy souvenirs from the reception.

Our hotel does not have a laundry service.

The hotel is a non-smoking premise.

In case of a fire alarm, the meeting place for the hotel residents is the Lapland Safaris safari house and the yard (next to the hotel across the road) Luppokeino 2.

For an groundless fire alarm (eg burning candles on the fireplace), we charge € 850.

The rooms and igloos have a small cold mini-bar cabinet for cold storage.
Please note that there are no products for sale in our minibar cabinets.

Coffee and tea are included in the room price.

Check-out is by 11 am on the day of your departure.

You can ask the reception about the late check-out options if our booking situation allows it.

In an emergency, call the general emergency number 112.

Accommodation address is Luppokeino 1, 99555 Luosto.

Santa’s Hotel Aurora & Igloos