Glass Igloo booking for season 2023-24 now open!

Glass Igloo under a starry sky, with a couple inside looking at the stars

Book your glass igloo in Rovaniemi or Luosto for next year now from our website! Find the best suitable time for you and enjoy the Arctic skies right from your bed.

Our glass igloos in Luosto and Rovaniemi are open from 1st of September 2023 until the end of April 2024. Book your own glass igloo stay now!

Wondering what’s the best time to travel to Lapland? We recommend September and end of January! The Northern Light season begins and often is at its best in September. From January on we have plenty of snow and increasing daylight, and of course great time for Aurora hunting. In addition, the busiest Christmas hassle has calmed down, yet the Christmas decorations are up and festivities still go on.

Read more about our destinations here. Check out Visit Luosto and Visit Rovaniemi for holiday inspiration!

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