Welcome to Kilpisjärvi!

Reception open daily from 8 am to 10 pm
+358 400 102 162

Contact us through Wi-Fi here


Breakfast is available for hotel guests and by for other customers by reservation made before 9pm the previous day.

Our restaurant is open daily 4pm-10pm. Kitchen closes at 9.30pm.

Lobby bar 9am-10pm

Our chalets have a free wifi network.

Santas Wifi

password: 8104pukk1

Switches for sauna are in the sauna stove. The left switch is to select how warm you would like to heat your sauna (min-max).

If you want to warm-up sauna right away, turn the right switch to 1 or 2 on white background (time in hours). After about half an hour, sauna is warm.

Turning the switch further over to the numbers on black background sets up the timer (hours) and sauna will start warming after the selected time.

When sauna is on, the radiators will switch off automatically and heating is not on!

You can buy wood for the fireplace at the reception!

You can borrow iron, ironing board, hair dryer and laundry drying rack as well as some kitchen appliances (blender etc.) from the reception.