Santa’s Hotels Menu of Day

Menu of the day

Our menu of the day is a three course dinner made of Nordic flavours. The menu changes daily to give you a new burst of flavors each evening!

Please inform of any special diets or dietary restrictions when booking

Menus are built around the elements of Nordic cuisine

Velvety hot soups to get you warm or tasters of local fish or wild game

We love our fish from clear-watered lakes and the arctic ocean!
Roasted meats from local flocks and herds.
With potatoes, purees or hot vegetables on the side

Our forests boast of wild berries! Combined with chocolate or delicious pastry,
our desserts are a sweet end of the night!

Our Food Philosophy: Nordic Cuisine

Over generations, great meals have created the best memories and moments. We will take you to a journey to the tastes of the Nordic, where genuine arctic flavors, feelings and people join together.

We combine Lappish ingredients and traditional recipes with a modern twist.