LGBTQIA+ friendly Santa’s Hotels

LGBTQIA+ Friendly Santa's Hotels

One of Santa’s Hotels’ core values is taking care of our duties. As a operator that hosts thousands of guests yearly and employs hundreds of people we want to showcase allyship to all gender and sexual minorities. 

We at Santa’s Hotels are against all forms of discrimination, such as trans- and homophobia. As a family owned business aspiring to create a home-like environment we welcome all of our guests and staff with open arms just as they are. 

It is important to us to be sincere and transparent in our actions regarding equality and voice our support for love and self expression out loud. We are always open to learning and bettering ourselves and our actions. 

What does our allyship look like? 

  • We are steadily updating and increasing representation of diverse people and relationships in our marketing materials. 
  • Our staff is being educated on diversity and inclusion. 
  • We cherish one another and treat all guests and staff equally no matter their gender or sexual identity or other factor.
  • According to European Union’s whistleblower policy, there are internal channels within the company for staff to report discrimination and provide feedback.  

Safer space principles

  • Respect others and be kind.
  • Be mindful of the language you use.
  • Respect everyones right to define or not to define themselves. Everyone has the right to choose which name and pronouns to be called by. 
  • Keep up judgment free environment.

Learn more about LGBTI+ rights in Finland here!

Santa’s Hotels is a family owned local hotel chain operating in four destination in Finnish Lapland as well as in Kalajoki, Otstrobothnia. We in Santa’s Hotels believe in taking responsibility, strength of positivity, discretion and of course in Santa Claus.

Responsibility is important to us. Find our sustainability program here.