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Ravintola Kaltio Menu

Old Sàmi traditions believe how holy spring, “kaltio”, can cure
illness and refresh mind. We believe that delicious food and warm
authentic service can also refresh ones mind. Therefore this
restaurant is named kaltio (in inari sàmi language käldee)

Enjoy your evening!

Fish buffet á la Kaltio

Warm smoked arctic charr
Salmon Asian style
Deep fried vendace
Cold smoked pike
Blackcurrant herring
Forest mushroom salad
Sour cream with capers and dill
Shrimp Skagen
Marinated red onion
Pickled beetroot
Wasabi-mustard, sweet chili, aioli,
pickled cucumber
Lapp potatoes fried with thyme

As Starter 15,50 €
As Main Course 28,00 €

Lappish Tapas

Cold smoked reindeer
Long cooked reindeer shank
Sour cream with caper and dill
Deep fried vendace
Cold smoked pike
Mushroom salad
Pickled cucumber
Marinated red onion
Finnish flat bread
“Rieska” with butter

14,50 €


Crayfish soup à la Kaltio
11 € / 20 €

Smoked reindeer and flat bread “Rieska”
14,50 €

Main courses

Reinder and pheasant, creamy calvados sauce with ceps
39 €

Sirloin of beef and herbs, warm mushroom salad
27 €

Reindeer ossobucco, roasted vegetables
27 €

Sautéed reindeer with mashed potatoes,
pickled cucumbers and lingonberry jam
23 €

Monkfish and blue shells, sour cream sauce with chives
27 €

Arctic charr and cauliflower, creamy herb sauce
27 €

Cabbage, barley and beetroot, cauliflower pure
21 €

You can choose sauce and potatoes from another portion if You like.


Chocolate and beetroot
14 €

Cranberries and caramel
13,80 €

Cloudberries and-Finnish bread cheese
13,50 €

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