Restaurant Aurora à la carte menu

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Breadbasket with cream cheese (L)
4,00 €

Aurora’s green salad (G,L)
Salad mix with marinated red onion, seeds and Balsamico-sauce
7,50 € / 10,50 €
– with goat cheese
11,50 € / 17,00 €

Fish plate (L)
Sugar-salted salmon, smoked salmon ceviche, house whitefish, dill sour cream, Archipelago bread
14,50 €

Traditional salmon soup with rye bread (L)
11,50 € / 16,50 €

Smoked reindeer and mushroom soup with Lappish bread (L)
12,50 € / 17,50 €

Roasted and filled mushrooms (L)
With reindeer or Blue Cheese filling and house bread
14,50 €

Aurora’s Lapas® for two (L)
Local Tapas collection; smoked salmon ceviche on Archipelago bread, sugar-salted salmon, house whitefish, cold smoked reindeer, reindeer liver, reindeer mousse, Lappish cheese, cloudberries and Lappish bread
27,00 €

Main courses

Turnip risotto (G,L)
Made from local Turnip grown under the midnight sun
22,00 €

Grilled chicken breast (G,L)
Vegetable-cabbage wok with tomato-red pepper sauce (contains peanuts)
23,00 €

Lava stone grilled salmon from the Arctic Ocean (G,L)
Vegetable risotto and vegetable-tartar sauce
26,00 €

Whitefish from Lake Inari fried in horseradish butter (G,L)
Roasted potatoes and lemon sauce
28,00 €

Long cooked lamb entrecote (G,L)
Mashed potatoes with mustard and cranberry sauce
27,00 €

Aurora’s steak 200g (G,L)
Beef’s sirloin steak, roasted potatoes and smoked sauce
29,50 €

Sautéed reindeer (G,L)
From Jaakkola reindeer farm, with mashed potatoes, lingonberries and gherkins
26,50 €

Lava stone grilled tender reindeer sirloin steak (G,L)
From Jaakkola reindeer farm, beetroot prepared in two ways and Aurora’s pepper sauce
34,00 €


Santa’s Cheesecake (L)
Taste of gingerbread and cranberry combined with blueberry sauce
8,50 €

Roasted Lappish cheese (G,L)
With cloudberry sauce and cloudberry&cranberry compote
10,50 €

Cloudberry Crème Brulée (G,L)
8,50 €

Aurora’s Raspberry sorbet (G,L,Veg)
6,00 €

Aurora’s rum truffle (L)
White-chocolate mousse with Aurora’s Chocolate Cookie
12,50 €

Ice cream (G,L)
House vanilla or house chocolate
Sauce by your choice: cloudberry, caramel, blueberry or chocolate sauce
6,00 €

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