Restaurant Aurora Dinner menu

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Three course dinner menu

Local turnip soup and house bread (L)
Long cooked pork belly, grilled cabbage and bbq-sauce (G,L)
Lingonberry pannacotta (G,L)

Aurora’s green salad (G,L)
Grilled salmon from the Arctic Ocean, beetroot risotto and vegetable tartar sauce (G,L)
Chocolate cake with orange sauce (L)

Beetroot soup with house bread (L)
Tender reindeer top side roast from Jaakkola reindeer farm, roasted potatoes and Aurora’s dark cranberry sauce (G,L)
Santa’s blueberry sorbet (G,L,Veg)

Fish plate (sugar-salted salmon, salted whitefish, smoked salmon mousse) (L)
Grilled chicken breast, vegetable wok and tomato-pepper sauce (G,L contains peanut)
Sour milk cake with lingonberry sauce (G,L)

Traditional salmon soup with rye bread (L)
Sautéed reindeer from Jaakkola reindeer farm, mashed potatoes, lingonberries and gherkings (G,L)
Aurora’s cloudberry Crème Brulee (G,L)

Mini Lapas®; sortiment of local delicacies (L)
Fried whitefish from Lake Inari, turnip-parsnip puree with lemon-fish sauce (G,L)
Cheesecake (G,L)

Goat cheese salad (G,L)
Aurora’s lava stone grilled beef steak, roasted potatoes and cranberry sauce (G,L)
Chef’s apple dream – apple, caramel
and whipped mascarpone cream (G,VL)

Price: Adult 44 € / Child (4-12 v) 28 €

Dinner menu daily 4pm – 10pm.

Changes in the menus are possible.