Midnight Sun Film Festival in Sodankylä, accommodation in Hotel Aurora!

Auringonlasku Luostolla

Movies and the magic of Lapland in Luosto – Festival Packages

During the festival you can enjoy both the peaceful nature in Luosto and the international atmosphere in Sodankylä film festival. The festival bus shuttle runs daily between Sodankylä and Luosto. The festival bus tickets are included in room rates.

Accommodation rates in 10. – 14.6.2020

1 night starting 120 €/ double room / night
1 night starting 100 €/ single room / night
3 nights starting 345 €/ double room
3 nights starting 285 €/ single room
4 nights starting 448 €/ double room
4 nights starting 384 €/ single room

Festival Accommodation in Santa’s Hotel Aurora includes accommodation in a twin room with sauna, breakfasts and the festival bus tickets between Sodankylä and Luosto.

Bookings: luosto@santashotels.fi or +358 400 102 200