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Ravintola Kokki


Santa’s Lapas® – Lappish Tapas Platter D,G
Dive into the taste palate of Lapland and enjoy together an assortment of local delicacies. Selection changes according to season.
One dish is ideal for two.
25,00 €

Charred Whitefish with Fennel Salt L,G
Freshwater whitefish seasoned with fennel-salt and served with
wild mushrooms and a small salad
16,00 €

Beetroot Carpaccio D,G,Veg
Beetroot served with rosemary oil, small herb salad and balsamic
10,00 €

Creamy Boletus Mushroom Soup L,G,d*
Roasted boletus mushroom and pear.
Boletus mushrooms grow wild in the forests and are coveted
by locals and reindeer!
15,00 €

Traditional Salmon Soup L,g*
Rich with cream and butter, salmon soup warms your body and soul! Served with dark rye bread.
15,00 €

Fresh Green Salad D,G,Veg
Selection of greens, cucumber, tomato and roasted seeds
8,50 €

Green salad with a topping of your choice:
Goat cheese and cherry compote L,G
Cold smoked salmon L,G
Grilled Chicken L,G
13,50 € / salad

Pastas & Risotto

Cold Smoked Reindeer Pasta L,g*
Cold smoked reindeer, fresh pasta, boletus-cream sauce
and parmesan cheese
16,00 €

Cold Smoked Salmon Pasta L,g*
Cold smoked salmon, fresh pasta and citrus-cream sauce
18,00 €

Chanterelle Risotto L,G,veg*,d*
Risotto with chanterelles and parmesan cheese
22,00 €

Main courses

Rye Crusted Freshwater Perch L,g*
Grilled perch with a rye crust, lemon-butter sauce, fried kale and
mushroom, root vegetables and potato puree
Perch is the most common freshwater fish in Finland.
22,00 €

Charred Arctic Salmon and Crab Sauce D,G
Salmon from the Arctic Ocean, crab sauce, Lappish potato muffin,
roasted root vegetables and kale
19,00 €

Bell Pepper Tournedos D,G,Veg
Bell peppers filled with chickpeas and served with a root vegetable puree
and tomato sauce
16,00 €

Grilled Chicken with a Corn Crust L,G
A delicious classic! Cornflake crusted grilled chicken served with smoked cheese sauce, fried beans & cherry tomatoes and rustic fries
18,00 €

Lappish Sautéed Reindeer L,G
This is the one dish you must eat at least once when in Lapland!
Traditional reindeer stew is always served with mashed potatoes,
wild lingonberries and pickles.
28,00 €

Reindeer Served Two Ways L,G,d*
Reindeer sirloin and reindeer bratwurst, smoked boletus mushroom sauce, potato gratin, roasted celery puree, oven-baked root vegetables and kale. Bratwurst has pork.
Reindeer husbandry is a traditional livelihood and way of life in Lapland. All reindeer are owned by a herder family, but the reindeer roam free in the forests.
39,00 €

Beef Pepper Steak L,G
Beef tenderloin (180g), pepper sauce, fried beans & cherry tomatoes
and creamy garlic potatoes
39,00 €

Santa’s Burger L,g*
Ground beef burger, cold smoked reindeer mayonnaise, cheddar, marinated red onion, salad, tomato and french fries
18,50 €

Santa’s Minute Steak L,G
Beef minute steak, rustic fries and butter with fresh garlic
22,00 €

Extra Sides:
Fried mushroom and kale
Oven-baked root vegetables
Root vegetable puree
Fried beans & cherry tomatoes
4,50 €


Homemade Chocolate Cake L,G
Chocolate cake baked with love by Santa’s Elves. Served with blood orange foam, white chocolate muesli, meringue and marinated berries
10,00 €

Santa’s Cheesecake L,G
Cheesecake in a jar, with cloudberry gel and gingerbread crumble
10,00 €

Crème Brulée with a Berry Twist L,G
Crème brulée served with berry gel
10,00 €

Pink Orange Sorbet D,G,Veg
A serving of blood orange sorbet
3,50 €

Snowball L,G
Scoop of ice cream: vanilla, strawberry or chocolate
3,50 €

L = lactose free
G = gluten free
D = dairy free
Veg = vegan
veg* = available vegan

g* = available gluten free
d* = available dairy free

Lactose free and gluten free courses are made from lactose free and gluten free ingredients in the same premises where foods containing lactose and gluten are handled.

For more detailed information about allergens, contact the staff.

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