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Garlic snails grilled in shrimp-cold smoked salmon butter with bread
12,50 €

Lappish Tapas
Cold smoked reindeer, cold smoked salmon , shrimps, cherry tomatoes and marinated red onion with lettuce, Lappish cheese, peach, chili mayo and toast rye bread
13,00 €

Caesar salad à la Pirtti
7,50 € / 9,50 €

Fresh salad
Lettuce, cherry tomatoes, marinated red onion and roast pine seeds
6,50 € / 8,50 €

You can easily upgrade Your salad with following items:
Cold smoked salmon 3,00 €
Goat cheese 3,00 €
Spicy chicken 5,00 €
Cold smoked reindeer 5,00 €


Traditional salmon soup
toast rye bread and butter
9,50 € / 13,50 €

Reindeer soup
toast rye bread and butter
10,50 € / 15,50 €

Main courses

Vegetable pasta
vegetables and goat cheese with tomato sauce and tagliatelle pasta
14,20 €

Fried whitefish
onion in melted butter, vegetables and mashed potatoes
23,50 €

Fried salmon
tagliatelle pasta with basil cream and vegetables
22,50 €

Wanderer’s Dream
180 g sirloin of beef, top secret warm herb butter, pan-fried potatoes and mushrooms
23,90 €

Onion steak
180 g sirloin of beef and fried onion, vegetables, grilled tomato and farm house fries
23,90 €

Schnizel à la Kaunispää fell
beef schnizel filled with Lappish cheese and smoked reindeer, creamy cold smoked reindeer sauce and cranberries, pan-fried potatoes
32,90 €

Grilled fillet of reindeer
150 g sirloin of reindeer and creamy tarragon sauce, vegetables and mashed potatoes
35,90 €

Sautéed reindeer
lingonberry jam, pickled cucumber and mashed potatoes
23,90 €

Hot Wings
chicken wings in hot chili sauce and French fries and blue cheese dip
big 16 pcs 17,50 €
small 10 pcs 12,50 €


Hamburger à la Pirtti
150g minced beef steak, hamburger dressing, French fries and pickled cucumber
11,90 €

Master’s Special
150 g minced beef steak, hamburger dressing, cheddar, bacon, salsa and blue cheese sauce, French fries and pickled cucumber
14,90 €

Chef’s Burger
150 g minced beef steak, hamburger dressing and bacon mayo, fried egg, bacon, red onion, pickled cucumber and cheddar, Farm house fries and pickled cucumber
17,90 €

Reindeer burger à la Pirtti
150 g minced beef steak, hamburger dressing and smoked reindeer, French fries and pickled cucumber
15,50 €

Vegan burger
vegetable steak, vegan herb-garlic dressing, French fries
12,90 €

Salmon-rye burger
150 g fried salmon, cold smoked salmon and shrimp mayo, French fries
15,50 €


tomato sauce and cheese
10,50 €

Pizza à la Pirtti
tomato sauce, cheese, smoked reindeer, onion and mushrooms
13,50 €

Pizza de Lutto River
tomato sauce, cheese, mushrooms, cold smoked salmon, tunafish and shrimps
15,00 €

New Start
spicy tomato sauce,cheese, chicken, ham, pineapple and caesar sauce
14,50 €

Pizza of Your Choice
with two toppings 12,00 €
with three toppings 13,50 €
with four toppings 15,00 €

Children’s pizza (4-14 y.)
tomato sauce and cheese and two toppings of your choice
8,50 €

Extra pizza topping pcs 2,50 €
olive, sweet pepper, mushrooms, shrimps, pepperoni sausage, minced meat, cold smoked salmon, smoked reindeer, salami, ham, chicken, egg, pineapple, onion, blue cheese, jalapeno, tuna fish, mozzarella, feta, peach, spicy sauce, caesar sauce, garlic mayo, chili mayo
goat cheese 3,00 €
garlic 1,00 €


Frozen cranberries
hot caramel sauce
8,90 €

Chocolate fondant
vanilla ice cream and raspberry sauce
9,70 €

Santa’s Cheesecake
crumbled gingerbread and raspberry jam
10,90 €

Lappish cheese braised in honey and cream
cranberry jam
13,50 €

Lappish Ice Cream
cloudberry, crowberry and strawberry ice cream, hot caramel sauce
12,00 €

Ice Cream Fantasy
vanilla-, strawberry-, chocolate-, licorice- or pistachio ice cream
sauce of choice: chocolate, caramel or raspberry sauce
2,90 € / scoop

Special Ice Creams
cloudberry or crowberry ice cream
4,50 € / scoop


Cold smoked salmon salad
cold smoked salmon, marinated red onion, cherry tomatoes and lettuce with mustard sauce

Wanderer’s Dream
180 g sirloin of beef, top secret warm herb butter, pan-fried potatoes and mushrooms

Santa’s Cheesecake
gingerbread crumbles and raspberry sauce

44,30 €

All our meat products are produced in Finland. Reindeer is produced by local reindeer herders.

Prices includes VAT 14% and service.