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Blue cheese gratinated snails sizzling in aromatic garlic butter sauce.
Served with toasted artisan bread.
11,00 €
Moselland Riesling Trocken, Germany
 16cl 7,80 €, bottle  36 €

Chicken salad

Grilled chicken fillet on a fresh salad bed, blue cheese, peach, roasted pine nuts and balsamic syrup.
10,00 € / 16,00 €
Graffigna Pinot Grigio, Argentina
16cl 8,20 €, bottle 38 €

Main courses

Chevre chicken

Grilled chicken breast and goat cheese, red wine sauce,
Devil’s jam, sweet potato fries and seasonal vegetables.
Classic dish!
20,00 €
Graffigna Malbec, Argentina
16cl 8,20 €, bottle 38 €

Grilled steak

A succulent and tender 180g grilled beef sirloin steak.
House-made spiced butter, rich sauce flavoured with local Jukkolan Mustajussi pepper cheese, and crunchy local wedge potatoes.
27,00 €
Zonin Velluto Appassimento, Italy
16cl 9,00€, bottle 42 €

Fisherman’s dish

Grilled whitefish. Served with baked potato, fresh salad and vegetables.
25,00 €
Graffigna Pinot Grigio, Argentina
16cl 8,20 €, bottle 38 €


Big Burger

Classic house burger. A 160g Angus beef steak between a big burger bun, bacon, salad, tomato, fresh red onion, pickle, alder smoked cheese and jalapeño aioli. Served with country-style french fries.
19,00 €

Chicken Burger

A grilled chicken fillet between a big burger bun, salad, tomato, fresh red onion, pineapple, Aura® blue cheese and mayonnaise. Served with country-style french fries.
17,00 €

Veggie Burger

Vegan treat! BBQ pulled oats, tomato, red onion and rocket. Served with coleslaw and sweet potato fries. The dish is suitable for vegans.
15,00 €


Chicken basket

Grilled chicken fillets and crispy french fries.
8,50 €

Sausage basket

Sausages and french fries.
8,50 €

French fries

Crispy french fries and ketchup.
5,50 €

Nacho snack

Nachos with tomato salsa and cheddar sauce.
4,50 €


Devil’s jam
Jalapeño aioli
Classic mayonnaise
Paprika mayonnaise
2,00 €/ kpl

Alternative potato option 2,00 €


Ice cream

Two different kinds of ice cream, sauce, whipped cream
and seasonal toppings.
6,50 €

Santa’s Cheesecake

Rich and delicious cheesecake prepared with Santa’s secret recipe.
9,50 €

Burgers available also gluten free!

We prepare our dishes from Finnish meat.

We also use locally grown potatoes as well as other locally produced ingredients whenever possible.

Do not hesitate to ask our staff if you have any questions regarding dietary restrictions!

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