Igloos à la carte menu

Explore Lappish culture by tasting the local specialities and share your meal experience!


Traditional Salmon Soup L, G
15,00 €

Creamy Forest Mushroom Soup L, G
15,00 €

Broiled Whitefish and Mushrooms L, G
16,00 €

Santa’s Lapas® Lappish Tapas for two L (G)
Dive into the taste plate of Lapland and enjoy the assortment of
Lappish delicacies together
30,00 €

Main Courses

Chicken and Barley L (G)
Cranberry-Rosemary sauce
23,00 €

Arctic Char and Lappish Potatoes L, G
Crab sauce
30,00 €

Long cooked Pork neck L, G
Pimento sauce and vegetable puree
23,00 €

Paella à la Igloos L, G
Chicken & Shrimps
Mushrooms & Black beans
18,00 €

Sautéed Reindeer L, G
Mashed potatoes, lingonberries and pickles
28,00 €

Reindeer Sirloin and Lappish Potatoes L, G
Cranberry-Rosemary sauce
39,00 €


Santa’s Cheesecake L
made with our own secret recipe
12,00 €

Cranberry Tartalet L
Caramel sauce and Vanilla Ice Cream
12,00 €

Lappish Tiramisu L, G
13,00 €

Share Your Experience -menu

Santa’s Lapas® – Lappish Tapas
Soup of the Day
Choose your favorite from a selection of
main courses of the day
Santa’s Road – Lappish Desserts

59 € / person
(min. 2 person)

A Joy shared, is joy doubled!

We reserve the right to all changes.

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