Restaurant Arctic Eye Menu


Pumpkin & lemon cream (L) 15,50

Butternut squash soup, kale chips, olive oil and lemon cream, roasted brioche and beetroot cream cheese

Salmon, whitefish roe and Lappish bread (L) 17,50

Charred salmon pastrami, whitefish roe and sour cream, pickled cucumbers and beetroot, dill vinaigrette

Elk fillet and cranberries (L,G) 17,50

Slightly salted elk tenderloin, cranberry pannacotta, mushrooms, parmesan, driedcranberries and fresh herbs

Crispy Scampi and vegetables (M,G) 17,50

Fried scampi with herbs, lime marinated seasonal vegetables, yellowroot crisps and crayfish mayonnaise

Crispy zucchini and vegetables (M,G) 15,50

Fried zucchini with herbs, lime marinated seasonal vegetables, yellowroot crisps and carrot mayonnaise

Main Courses

Veal & mushrooms (L,G) 36,50

Crispy veal croquette, grilled veal tenderloin, Lappish potato puree with chantarelles, pickled baby carrots and madeira sauce with mushrooms

Elk fillet & pepper (L,G) 38,50

Pepper crusted elk tenderloin, potato terrine with browned butter, smoked parsnip, root vegetables with rosemary and black pepper reduction

Arctic char & lobster (L,G,) 38,50

Slightly smoked Arctic char, butter braised lobster tail, cauliflower puree with vanilla, lemon potato and carrot-butter sauce

Risotto & scampi (L,G) 33,50

Prosecco-parmesan risotto, charred scampi, fresh tomato vinaigrette and parmesan crisps

Prosecco-lemon risotto (M,G) 30,50

Baby carrots with herbs and lemon, pickled cauliflower, fresh tomato vinaigrette and yellow root crisps


Caramel & apple (L,G) 15,00

Caramel pannacotta, apple consomme´, salted caramel, pickled apple and meringue

Blueberry Pie” (L,G) 15,00

Jammed blueberries, roasted oats and cardamom mousse, cloudberry syrup and dried berries

Sugar cake & lemon (L) 15,00

Sugar cake with lemon syrup, raspberry sorbet, sour cream with lemon balm and roasted malt

Cheese & berries 15,00

Selection of domestic cheeses, berry jam, sea salt crackers and fresh berries

You will find our restaurant in Santa Claus Village! Our address is:

Joulumaankuja 8
FI-96930 Arctic Circle, Rovaniemi

Table reservations:
Tel. +358 400 102 181